• Tiffany


What an amazing session to bring in the New Year and ease me off maternity leave. Technically I'm still on leave until February 1st but when Nikkola messaged me with her idea for her maternity session I just couldn't say no.

It was extremely difficult leaving Little Miss Quincy Mae’s side for the first time. I kept catching myself glancing in my rearview expecting to see her in the car seat. I think if I weren't so excited to be back to shooting I never would have made it without a total breakdown. To make matters worse I encountered the worst, stand still traffic on my way to Pinecrest. Silly me, on my new mommy “vacation”, completely forgot how things work in the real world and that everyone and their mother head up to play in the snow on the last Saturday of Christmas break. Lesson learned. After a quick call, we were able to move the shoot location from Pinecrest Lake to a nearby, much less populated campground which worked amazingly. I'm so in love with some of these shots! Nikkola and Jason styled their outfits so perfectly (plus I'm super obsessed with her boots). I was going to say this session was my new favorite, but I'm pretty sure I say that every session. lol. I can't help it, I'm just completely in love with my job.

Congratulations Nikkola and Jason on your little bundle of joy, and thank you so much for sharing this special moment in your lives with me.

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