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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I have a special post for you that I was try to save until tomorrow, but I’m just to excited about it that you get to see it a day early. I've always wanted to capture a maternity session in the snow and I've always want to photographer a maternity session where the mom is caring twins. Enter Kyla, who is pretty much my perfect dream client. She had this amazing vision of taking her maternity photos in the snow and had the most amazing red dress that just looked breath taking against the white snow and she's carrying not one, but two baby girls. I couldn't have been more excited to capture her adorable little family and for all the excitement to come in the next few months.

snow maternity session

snow maternity photoshoot

snow maternity pictures

snow maternity photos

snow maternity session

Pinecrest snow maternity

snow maternity family pictures

snow maternity pictures

snow maternity family

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