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Like most weddings this year, Covid greatly altered Andrea and Josh’s original wedding plans. Resulting in a location change and guest list adjustment. But these two love birds took the changes in stride and ended up with a backyard boho wedding that is what dreams are made of. Their stunning fall colors perfectly complimented all the boho details and everything came together just perfectly as they said they’re “I Do’s” on October 10th, 2020. It was bittersweet leaving their wedding knowing that this was my last wedding of the year before my maternity leave but at the same time I was happy to have had my last wedding be in a theme so close to my own heart.

The proposal story from the bride.

"Josh and I like to stop by our local dive bar from time to time. I was joking around and told him if he proposed in a bar I would beat him endlessly. Needless to say New Year's Eve last year his plans foiled. He tried to get me on a romantic walk where I declined due to the cold weather. On our way home from dinner, we decided to drop by the bar for a glass of wine. They happen to have a DJ that night for the celebrations. I tried to talk him into going home after my wine (I'm often referred to as grandma). He had a whole plan, my friends talked me into staying and he proposed in the bar. Honestly, I never thought he would do it in a bar...but I was so surprised, I never would have guessed it. The surprise was the most special part...I wouldn't have cared if we're in a back alley honestly. I was just so shocked."

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